I’m Christian Menzel, a Berlin-based composer and sound designer.


At the core of derSOUND lies my belief in the power of composition. I create sound textures for ideas and emotions — with passion, precision, and a whole lot of experience. My expertise is branding & storytelling for commercials, virals and corporate movies.

As a professionally trained audio producer and music composer with over 15 years of experience, I can take your project through every step of production — from creating an initial design, to composing a unique score, right up to recording and polishing. If the project calls for it, I’m also happy to bring in one of the musical geniuses in my network of collaborators: trusted friends who share the same high standards.

My specialty: Custom songs that strike the right chords with consumers to make a brand stand out amongst the crowd, spanning genres of Rock, Pop, Folk, Classic, Dance and Berlin Electronic Music. I’m all about the audiophilic experience and curious to hear what you have in mind for your project.


derSOUND studio features everything you need for just the right sound: top-notch recording and production equipment and a separate recording room with an impeccably tuned piano. Located in the vibrant neighborhood of Berlin-Mitte, the studio is surrounded by some of the finest bars and food joints in town. In short: at derSOUND it’s easy to feel comfortable, be inspired, and focus on passionate and professional creations.


  • Music composition and production for moving pictures, audio brandings and artists
  • Sound design
  • Voiceover and dialog recording (IP-ready)
  • Mix for TV and Web
  • Dub/Translate existing music


  • Music composition and sounddesign of the Netflix “Messiah” trailer. Right now on air!
  • Music composition of the new commercial for VW “Die Details machen das Spiel” campaign. Right now on air!
  • Music composition of the new TV campaign for “Nimm2”. Coming soon.
  • Arrangements and co-production of the new “Symphoniacs” Album. Coming soon.